JFLL received a major boost from the Digicel Foundation and the Camara Foundation recently with the donation of 277 computers to be used in the classroom at all of the JFLL's sites.

During a press launch on September 29, 2011 Digicel Foundation Chairman Mrs. Lisa Lewis took the opportunity to affirm its commitment to the Jamaican education sector highlighting that this contribution was a strong complement to its efforts in establishing enrichment Centres in formal primary schools.

Her sentiments were underscored by Digicel CEO Mark Linehan who highlighted the positive impacts Digicel had made on the lives of over 2 million people and its desire to serve many more.

The donation is also due in large part to the opportunity presented by the establishment in Jamaica of the Camara Foundation that pairs the concepts of recycling computers and skills training for a mostly volunteer workforce to recycle and support the computers. The units are distributed at very low cost to educational facilities. In Jamaica, the Digicel Foundation and Camara have partnered to provide this facility beginning with the JFLL.

Camara Jamaica CEO Karl Gaynor pointed out that in sourcing and recycling the computers for schools, Camara trained volunteers as computer technicians effectively teaching them a skill.

Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Education Mrs. Audrey Sewell took the opportunity to commend the Digicel Foundation on its donation for recognising the importance of literacy and numeracy to the development of the country.

In recognising the efforts of the Digicel Foundation and the Camara Foundation Dr. Alison Cross, Executive Director of the JFLL lauded them for their donation and pointed out that with Literacy and workforce certification rates at 86% and 30% respectively the partnership would go a far way in providing the foundation literacies for learners to become productive in support of Vision 2030. She struck a chord with the audience as she pointed out that the computers and e-learning methodologies would also assist learners in developing critical thinking skills.

She also highlighted that the computers would strengthen the JFLL’s work to achieve Vision 2030 National Development Goals in primary and secondary adult literacy.

Photos: JFLL Partners With NCDA and US Embassy

Students at the JFLL Spanish Town AEC are guided by their teacher Mr. Omar Campbell as they engage in computer based learning


L-R Mark Linehan - CEO, Digicel; Lisa Lewis - Chairman Digicel Foundation; Audrey Sewell - Permanent Secretary, MOE; Dr. Alison Cross - Executive Director, JFLL and Karl Gaynor - CEO, Camara Jamaica watch as Camara volunteers from Penwood High demonstrate some of the computers being donated by Digicel