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The Career Advancement Programme (CAP) is the flagship youth education programme of Jamaica's Ministry of Education within the secondary school system. The following agencies are directly involved in the coordination of the programme:

  1. Jamaican Foundation for Lifelong Learning
  2. National Youth Service
  3. HEART Trust/NTA
  4. The Social Development Commission
  5. The National Transformation Programme
  6. Teachers Colleges
  7. Community Colleges

KEY roles of the JFLL within CAP.

  1. The development of diagnostic tools to identify Literacy and Numeracy Levels.
  2. The development of appropriate materials for remedial Literacy and Numeracy in line with individuals' special needs (including students with disabilities)
  3. The development of appropriate systems of evaluating progress and tracking of persons based on internationally accepted best practices.
  4. Calibration and monitoring of standards involved with the teaching of remedial education.

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